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Evopäd training route in Sulden

At seven stations, you can do exercises for the development of physical and emotional equilibrium.

Signalkopf path

The Signalkopf path leads you near the glacier, across calcareous moraines and Edelweiss meadows to the Stilfser Joch. You can enjoy the varied Alpine flora.

Goldsee path

The high mountain road offers fascinating views to the Ortler and its mighty neighbouring mountains and leads you from the Stilfser Joch to the Goldsee and to the furkel hut just above Trafoi.

Kleinboden theme path

On the Kleinboden theme path near the Furkel hut (Trafoi), hikers can find out interesting information about the war that once took place on the summits and in the ridges of the Ortler front during WWI. Gather information about the importance of the Gomagoi fortress, as well as the life and suffering of Alpine soldiers.

Farmhouse path

The farmhouse path leads you from the Stilfser to the Lichtenberg farmhouses and offers an insight into the life of mountain farmers.

Alpine path

The Alpine path runs along a high mountain road with excellent views into the upper tree region and blooming high Alpine meadows of Prad, Stilfser and Glurns.

Archaic path

This ancient mule path, which was called ‘Wormision path‘ during the Middle Ages, connects the Etsch Valley with Veltlin. Here, you can find traces of pre-historic mining and human settlements.

Forest animal path ‘Gumperle‘

Families who walk along the forest animal path ‘Gumperle‘, can learn about our local forest animals in a child-like manner. Parents and children meet up with Ferdinand, the forest mouse, look for tracks, listen to birds, lift a deer antler and climb up the Specht hill.

Marble oblique platform

The oblique platform runs from the valley station of the Marble oblique platform at 876 metres above sea level to the mountain station at the Bremsberg at an altitude of 1,355 metres. Along the way, hikers can use the display panels to learn many interesting details about this oblique platform, from the history of building it, to technical data.

Strawberry path

Along the Strawberry path, which starts at the Martell Valley, everything is centred on the strawberry. Information panels and information stations offer insight for young and old alike.


Forest mountain farming path

The area below the Orgelspitze mountain in the Martell Valley is called ‘Waldberg‘ (lit: forest mountain). For generations, mountain farmers have tried to get a return on their investment on the barren ground. The theme path, which runs past mountain farmhouses is marked by unique cultural landscape and reflects the hard life of mountain farming.


Glacier teaching trail Martell

The glacier teaching trail Hintermartell offers information about glacier habitat and insight on glacier activity, moraines, the glacier stream and glacier striation within the high mountain landscape.