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Office of the Stelvio National Park
in Glurns
Tel. +39 0473 830430


How do I reach the national park?  Striking valleys lead to the centre-piece of this preservation area.  You will advance into the glacier regions with impressive backdrops. 

Mighty northly-exposed glaciers are at the end of the valleys, particularly the upper valleys of Sulden and Trafoi.  From both valleys, you can take the classic routes up the Ortler glacier and its satellite peaks.  
At the foot of the Madatsch mountain in Trafoi, three water falls thunder down into the valley and create an imposing natural spectacle.  In Trafoi the spectacular ascending road to the Stilfser Joch (2,278 metres) begins, with more than 48 bends.  It is one of the highest Alpine mountain passes.  
The end of the Martell Valley with the summit of the Cevedale glacier is simply breath-taking.  Steep mountain farmhouses and a unique cultural landscape bear witness to the fact that the locals continued to make a living off this barren ground throughout history.
Hintermartell is a popular summer area for red deer.  
The Ulten valley is largely covered by forests.  Wood as a building material has a great tradition in this valley and you should check out the round wood block constructions of some residential and farming buildings.  Only the upper part of the valley above the village of St. Gertraud you will find the natural park area.