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Office of the Stelvio National Park
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Grinding, milling ... and rasping ... how was the landscape designed? The glaciers of the last Ice Age grinded our mountains down a little. They are some of the most spectacular appearances of the Stilfser Joch National Park.

The massif of the Ortler group demonstrates a cross-like shape in its main mountain ranges. From the Cevedale mountain, the mountain ranges branch out in all directions with numerous peaks that are more than 3,000 metres. In-between them, there are stretching glaciers, which are the master builders of this landscape. The Upper Sulden valley is one of the areas with most glaciers on the South Tyrolean side of the Alps. The glaciers of the Sulden Ferner, the end-of-the-world region of the Ferner mountain, as well as the Lower and Upper Ferner mountains take a central position inside the East Alpine glacier region. They are covered by a mighty debris blanket. Many of the historic moraines from 1850 (in the Upper Sulden Valley, the end of the Martell Valley and the Trafoi Valley) still show the last glacier advance very clearly. Over the past ten years, global warming has done a lot of harm to the glaciers.