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Office of the Stelvio National Park
in Glurns
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Areas of protection often attract visitors due to their natural beauty. The Stilfser Joch National Park attracts many visitors, its facilities, varied landscape and makes a valuable contribution to further education.

The aims of the Stilfser Joch National Park are to protect the extensive natural wealth, as well as economic resources, eco systems and beauty of the landscape. It is also important to consider and support cultural, social and economic development, as well as public relations, environmental education and environmentally-friendly tourism development. The national park’s administration ensues that concrete measures are put in place to protect flora, fauna and natural habitats and carries out ecological and biological process research. Due to increased information and environmental education, tourism will develop an alternative style.

CETS - European Charter of Sustainable Ttourism in Protected Areas

The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas is a practical management tool that enables Protected Areas to develop tourism sustainably.

Stilfserjoch National Park registered in January 2019 its intention to apply for the Charter and sent the documents to Europarc Federation.

Embedded in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas are these important concepts:
•     protection of the natural and cultural heritage,
•     participation by all stakeholders,
•     effective partnership working,
•     planning to prepare and implement a
•     sustainable tourism strategy, to realise the environmental, social and
       economic benefits of everyone working more susta

More information about European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas:

Sustainable Tourism Strategy and Action Plan of Stilfserjoch National Park:

 Sustainable Tourism Strategy and Action Plan