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Office of the Stelvio National Park
in Glurns
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The Golden Eagle, the king of the air and symbol of the Stilfser Joch National Park is no longer threatened by extinction. However, intervention by humans can easily lead to this trend being reversed.

The number and distribution of Golden Eagle breeding pairs has been increased within the framework of AQUILALP.NET. The Stilfser Joch National Park has the highest density of Golden Eagle pairs within the entire Alpine region. Currently, the region is home to 26 pairs of which eight live in the South Tyrolean part of the National Park. 32 eyries are known to exist on the South Tyrolean side. The breeding success between 2004 and 2009 was an average of 0.5 young birds/pair. During the last six years, the percentage of successful breeding pairs has increased to 44.7 %. This value is characteristic for an eagle population nearing saturation. It is equivalent to a high density. The size of their hunting ground is equivalent other eagles across the Alpine region. This fact indicates a high availability of animals for prey, particularly marmots, and shows that there are great breeding conditions.

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