NEWS Cycling day 2019
in St. Gertraud/Ulten
Tel. +39 0473 798123

Humans, as well as nature rendezvous at the Nationalparkhaus Lahnersäge near St. Gertraud in the Ulten Valley.  

The subject of ‘wood’ and the development and life of a tree, from its origin to a finished blank or board are demonstrated in a renovated Venetian sawmill. This mill also comes to life while grinding the grain … until it is flour.  In addition, the exhibition talks in detail about the forest and its protective and useful functions.   

lahnersäge offers:

  • Venetian saw and sawmill
  • Continuous exhibition ‘Forest and wood’
  • Special exhibitions
  • Guided theme hiking trips
  • Photo evenings
  • Playgrounds and picnic areas
  • Headquarters of the park station

Ancient Ulten larch trees - PLACES WORTH SEEING

Close to the visitor centre, there are a number of ancient Ulten larch trees, which are several thousand years old.  They bear living witness to the ancient history of the nearby forests.  
According to legend, the three ancient larch trees have a history dating back more than 2,000 years..  The brittle inside of these trees makes it difficult to know the exact age of each tree.  The thickest trunk has a circumference of more than eight metres.  A natural phenomenon you should not miss!!